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Silverlight Month

May 17, 2009

This month is Silverlight Month for Australian MSPs and so I’m going to write about what Silverlight is, where it has been used and how anyone can start writing their own silverlight applications today.

Silverlight is a browser plugin designed for creating rich internet applications which include graphics, sound, video content and other types of multimedia. It is similar to Adobe Flash but is considerably more powerful and flexible. An important benefit is that Silverlight applications are developed using .NET languages and fully support existing .NET development tools such as Visual Studio 2008, this means that every student that can use DreamSpark already has full access to development tools that can be used to help them create Silverlight applications.

Silverlight has already reached version 2.0 and a very interesting feature introduced with this version is DeepZoom which allows truly enormous images to be efficiently viewed by only downloading pieces of the image currently being looked at and dynamically adjusting the resolution of these images based on the zoom level. It really has to be seen to be believed and the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia webpage is one of the best examples of this technology in use.

Silverlight runs on Windows and Mac OS X and fully supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Linux users aren’t left out in the cold either, Moonlight is an open source Silverlight implementation based on Mono. Moonlight has been developed in cooperation with Microsoft and aims to provide 100% Silverlight compatibility for Linux users.

There really isn’t any reason for anyone to not seriously consider using Silverlight for the next internet application that they create.